Interaction Design Capstone Project

Our Life

The Our life app is a family calendar app that will consolidate all the scheduling alerts and multiple calendars into one app. ​​​​​​​

Design Process


I conducted interviews with parents to observe their current way of organizing their family’s schedules and activities. Which ranged anywhere from apps to paper calendars.


Parents need to simplify the communication they get regarding their family’s schedules. Because the

communication comes from multiple sources (apps, social media, newsletters, emails, ect.) and it can get overwhelming and hard to keep track of.

I chose to use Personas because they define expectations, concerns, and motivations, helping me have a deep understanding of user’s behavior and needs.

Ideation Phase

I decided to do storyboarding as it involves developing a visual story as it related the problem. It helped me explore the problem in depth and come up with potential solutions through bringing the narrative to life.

Low Fi Wireframes

My low fidelity sketched wireframes were utilized and tested with real life users to visualize the layouts and functionality before moving on to the final design.

I also created a working prototype of the new mobile app using Adobe XD, with hopes of picking it to a development team.

Prototype and Testing